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Obsessive reader, prolific writer, lover of all things dark, weird and twisted. Hazel is a Dark Fantasy and Urban Fantasy author. She pretends to be normal during office hours. Oh, and this one time, she won a British Fantasy Award.



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In a former life I harboured ambitions to become an archaeologist, and spent many years studying and excavating, before an unfortunate series of events led to…well…let’s just say I checked out from life for a while. Finally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2010, I got treatment and (slowly) got better. In the interim, I wrote and published Chasing Azrael, some short stories, articles, and novellas, and set up a successful business as a freelance copywriter and content marketer.

When I’m not juggling client work, I’m obsessively reading, watching (and reviewing) all things Fantasy, while trying to finish my new novel. Death Becomes Me is set in the same Urban Fantasy world as Chasing Azrael, but with a different main character, and in a different city.