We’re all stories in the end…

Hazel Butler

We’re all stories in the end…

Hazel Butler

Slow Burn In Atlanta: Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews (A Review)

It was high time I returned to the world of my favourite urban fantasy series and reviewed the next Kate Daniels novel, Magic Burns. I have, at this point, read the whole series many times, but I never tire of it. A re-read again for the review to refresh my memory on the details. And I have to say, with this novel, the dynamic duo that is Ilona and Andrew Gordon (writing under the pen name Ilona Andrews) smashed it out of the park.

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One Badass Witch: Magic Bites By Ilona Andrews (A Review)

Ilona Andrews was not my first encounter with the urban fantasy genre. Not by a mile. I’ve been devouring books of this genre since I was 18 and a friend at uni first introduced me to Kelley Armstrong. I’ll get to the Women of the Otherworld series in due course, but for the first Urban Fantasy series I reviewed, I had to make it my favourite. Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews - the pseudonym of an epic wife and husband duo - is one of those rare books that is close enough to being flawless that you develop an abiding love for the author, and the character, and the series.

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Ilona Andrews’ White Hot: Finally A Great Romantic Urban Fantasy Series

The Hidden Legacy series had a strong start with Burn For Me but I was concerned that the ending was going to lead to a lot of break up/make up nonsense in book two. I was delighted to find that instead, Ilona Andrews penned a compelling second novel that actually surpassed the first. Intriguing, sexy, in no way annoying. Here's my review of White Hot.

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Ilona Andrews’ Burn For Me: What Makes The Hidden Legacy Series Sizzle

A strong, sassy, magical heroin with a vulnerable streak a mile wide. A slightly mysterious, slightly controlling, seriously hot love interest. An intricately crafted world of magic. And an intriguing mystery at the heart of a fast-paced plot. Burn For Me is a sizzling start to Ilona Andrews' Hidden Legacy Series - here's my full review of book one.

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Alpha Women: 40 Reasons Why You Should Love Kate Daniels

Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels is, hands down, my favourite Urban Fantasy series ever. I love it so much it has usurped the Women of the Otherworld Series by Kelly Armstrong, which had previously held the #1 spot since I was 18. Here are all the reasons why (plus what order to read all the books in!).

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Alpha Women: Why Is Mercy Thompson So Unbelievably Annoying?

When a friend recommended Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series I was insanely excited. A female lead who was also a were and intricately tangled with werewolves? I tore through the first two books fully expecting to have to go back out and buy all the rest. But the strangest thing happened. I hate Mercy Thompson.

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