The Strain has always been a refreshing break from the recent trend in fluffy vamp action, but if the sneak peek at Season 3 is anything to go by things are only getting darker…

Warning: Spoilers (Duh)

With short seasons and even longer breaks between than we’d have with a 22 episode series arc, it’s easy to forget that the existing two seasons of The Strain have taken place over the course of three weeks in story-time, rather than the two years we’ve experienced in the real world. One of the appeals of the show has always been its faced-paced action, closely following the characters as they came face to face with their worst nightmare, and slowly accepted the new world order.

It was apparent from the start of season two that the vampires weren’t just a passing trend. There was no easy fix, no cure, no way of reversing the change. It was kill or be killed, and the damn things don’t go down easily. As more and more fell to the rising plague of vampires the characters (and audience) saw the world as we know it come to a swift, bloody end.

It was about as bad as it could get.

Or so I thought.

Then I watched the trailer for season three and suddenly I realised there was worse to come because, despite the short time frame and relative newness of the vampire strain, they’re evolving.

Yes, they’re that bad ass.

The show is already breaking down the boundaries in TV vampire shows, and drawing us firmly away from the romanticised view that’s been on the rise since Interview With A Vampire became a cult phenomenon. There’s neither sight nor sound of an attractive brooding hero, burdened with the curse of blood lust, and there’s nary a *&$% to be given among the vampires about who or what they feed on and whether or not they turn or die.

The only tortured souls in The Strain is Vasiliy, and he’s most definitely human.

Season three promises us strigoi who are faster, more intelligent, more organised, and more evolved than we’ve ever seen. New York has fallen, and the government has essentially abandoned them because the threat can no longer be contained and the whole world is now dealing with this plague.

I literally cannot wait to see what season three has in store and I’ll be re-watching seasons one and two in preparation – keep your eyes peeled for a new series of reviews of the series!